Horrible Living Conditions

Dogs are crowded together in small cages with wire floors their entire lives at puppymills. They do not get the freedom to run about and play nor are they given a proper diet and medical care. They are kept in these prisons for the sole purpose to breed and make money.

No Medical Care

These animals are never given any needed medical care. This poor dog has a skin disease that was never treated.

Unwanted Dogs

Millions of unwanted animals are killed each year. Yet puppymills continue to pump out unhealthy dogs just to line their pockets. This can be prevented by spay/neut. your animal and rescuing a animal at your local shelter rather than purchasing a puppy from a pet store. Purchasing puppies from pet stores keep the puppymills in business. Most people do not know that there are rescue groups for almost every breed of dog.


Puppymill breeders are heartless, this picture shows a dead Chihuahua puppy laying in a make shift food trauf that was made out of a tire that was cut in half.

Animal Cruelty

The owners of this 1 year old Setter had placed a chain around her neck when she was a pup. You can see by the photo that the dog had grown but they never once readjusted the chain. You can clearly see the damage this caused.

Pet store puppy

This could have been where your puppy came from.